Finance & Banking, Organisational & HR development Association, named ‘Effebi Association’, is a non-profit organization set up in 1976 by prof. Roberto Ruozi from the Bocconi University in Milan and several HR managers from the main Italian banks. The Association organises a variety of activities in the field of Human Resources and Organisational Development for the banking and financial sector. The Board of Directors is composed by HR and training Managers from the main Italian Banks. Effebi Association is a nonprofit organization that enhances the exchange of good practices, knowledge, and collaboration with other organizations at national, European and International level.


  • Promote and coordinate initiatives related to professional development of Human Resources and management and organizational logics in the banking and financial sector;
  • Analyse, implement and disseminate new organizational and entrepreneurial models of integrated management of human, organizational and technological variables;
  • Promote Social Inclusion and Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • Support the Quality Assurance approach for vocational training;
  • Perform activities of studies and research and manage European funded Projects;
  • Carry out training and consultancy activities for members.

Prof. Mario Spatafora is the General Secretary of Effebi Association and the President of CRES Association. He is responsible for identifying project ideas and build appropriate Partnerships. Until 2017, he was a Professor in Organizational Development with a specific focus on the European instruments for life-long learning (EQF/ECVET/EQARF), at the Department of Training Sciences of Roma Tre University.

Alessia Spatafora: Graduated from the University “Roma Tre” in Architecture, in 2006. She attended Postgraduate Specialization at the “Specializing School for Environmental and Cultural Heritage” of University of Roma “La Sapienza” on the protection, safeguard, reuse, and valorization of Europe’s cultural heritage. Today, she is involved in the management of several European Projects as International project Coordinator within Effebi Association.

Valeria Mingardi graduated in 2019 from “La Sapienza” University of Roma in International Relations with a focus on the European Union’s history and functioning. Sha has worked on European Erasmus+ KA2 projects in several NGOs in Europe, and is now a project manager at Effebi Association.