ADACI is a non- profit and non-political Association of procurement, logistic and supply chain management.

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The Association, founded in 1968 is the professional association for Procurement, supply chain and logistics managers and experts in Italy. Adaci is part of an International Federation of Procurement and Supply Management that counts more than 480.000 experts. We see ourselves as network partners for all industries and sectors: example industry, trade, services, private and public companies, chemical, automotive, food, packaging, distributor. Our objectives include the transfer of the know-how through training, meetings, exchange of the idea, best practices and scientific work, policy, techniques, procedures.

The Association offer prices index and economic outlook for the global development.

The Professional Development Service is performed through Qualification “Q2P” and Rina Certification of skills for public experts. Adaci offers to ensure a holistic approach and involvement for procurement to ensure the positive purpose to sustainability transition.

To ensure our reputation, we impose the observance of commandments also for employees and business partners (code of conduct). Because the supply chains become complex of in the globalization process.

Adaci Association has been already invited thanks to the developing of Smart Project, focused on research Supply chain and supply management with the main Italian University. During the three last years we have developed a project to elevate the Culture of procurement for 100 Junior for free. Since its founding Adaci has welcomed more than 400,000 visitors to its education training opportunities. By the year around Italy, Adaci organise events and courses for yang buyers, junior buyer, senior buyer, lead buyer, commodity buyers, Chief procurement officer, sourcing planner, logisticians, supply chain manager. More than 450 byers are meeting in Villa Fenaroli (Rezzato- Bs) for our buyers’ congress in Europe.

Adaci in developing University partnership mainly in Italian Area.


Adaci President: Fabrizio Santini
Master in Purchasing and Supply Management, I have worked for over forty years in managerial roles at DeWalt Industrial Tools Spa (Stanley Black Decker Group-Industrial Equipment), Piaggio (Automotive), Lucart Cartiera Lucchese spa, VDC Technologies (Videocon), and more. I’m President of ADACI Board, and CEO ADACIFORMANAGEMENT. Deep knowledge of complex supply chains, purchasing and management processes (USA, China, Far East), with particular focus on negotiation. Remarkable experience in national and international contract governed by both civil and common law. A long experience in teaching professional and junior students.

My best skills:

  • Interpersonal communication and presentation skills are the basis;
  • Willingness to learn and drill down the subjects of the category;
  • Project driven mind-set.

Federica Dallanoce
C.E.O.  of industrial sector with developed skills in an international environment. Gained long standing experience of upper Management in a complex context with high internal and external structural dynamism and with a career path (six years) distinguished for achieving and taking over targets agreed with Board of Directors and Shareholders. Held a position for 11 years in Fiat Group and from the beginning took on increasing  responsibilities, that gave the opportunities to build an important and successful career in Corporate Finance, Industrial and Commercial Control at National and International  level. My own operative and managerial attitude led to a strong direct involvement in industrial operations in all fields, as well as in Finance, Commercial and Marketing. Reached the top position after intense activity of management consultancy (7 years) for three well-known Italian companies in a key role taking care of cross core business and area.

In addition, I’m:

  • Passionate about my subject areas and able to engender the same enthusiasm in students;
  • Self-aware, open to feedback and learning and caring and compassionate with others;
  • Committed to diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Positive and develop respectful relationships with colleagues and students;
  • Dependable in all areas of the role, take responsibility, reliable and follow through on commitments;
  • Flexible and adapt to new environments and culture;
  • Contributes to and supports training activities through involvement Association activities and events and participation in our thriving Association community.

Central National Office – Milan-Italy
Accountability for the delivery of the project, meeting, central administrative requirement on budget, ensuring associated satisfaction. For the Project Q2P Exams Session is therefore accountable for event management. 
Laura is responsible for the full administrative process of Associates, being its’ direct interface, for all aspects related to the management of activities. 

Laura manages room allocation, review room availability status, room blockage and special requests working closely with Central Reservation Office, General Manager and all other departments

Staff coaching, performance appraisal, work organization and development of all Front staff. Continuous update of activities and improvement.

My best skills:

  • Adaptability: ability to effectively adjust to major changes in work tasks or the work environment.
  • Originality: able to come up with clever ideas about products, services or situations, or to develop creative ways to solve a problem.
  • Team leader: skilled at building a cohesive team and facilitating goal accomplishment