ACOFESAL is a non-profit organization whose general objectives include:

1. Represent, Manage and Defend the prestige, rights, and professional interests of the Associates. 2. To promote the professionalization of the companies and associated entities, through the promotion of training actions, in the field of Food Security, both at national and international level.

3. To promote the relationship with related institutions.

4. To promote the relationship between the partner companies by organizing congress, conferences, seminars and other meetings. 

The Association is made up of 100 food security companies, in which 90% are engaged in training and whose common objective is to take up the new challenges at national and European level in the service sector related to food safety and new legislation and regulations, new technologies and advances in R&D&I. To this end, the association has set up a Training Commission, carrying out actions aimed at meeting the challenges posed. Namely, the professionalization of Food Safety Consulting and Hygiene has developed a Quality Standard in food safety training. In the interests of managing and defending the professional interests of the companies that make up ACOFESAL, training is also one of the fundamental pillars for professionals in the sector. 

Our greatest experience focuses on the biannual organization of an international congress. This year we will have our VI International Congress of Quality and Food Safety, with the support of the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN), and by the public administration and its ministries, we have the support of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality as well as the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, as well as the Ministry of Health of different autonomous communities that have selflessly want to participate. National, regional and local entities, technology centres, universities, food industry, associations, and of course an important group of sponsors we hope they will attend as every edition.


Luis María Gallego, our president, biologist, is also the manager of the Business Group of Laboratories for the analysis of drinking and wastewater, food, feed, environment. Specialist in agri-food and Environmental Consulting. He is trainer in quality, environment and food safety and the soul of our bi-annual congress because their great experience in European work in food sector. Leader of some agri-food research and publications.

Imma Miralles, clinic psychologist,coordinator from ACOFESAL for this project is our Vice-president and responsible of the training committee, is also Founder and president of Asociación FRESS. Board member of CRES – Centre for Research and European Studies. and president of ANCCP (National Association of Professional Certification Centres). Contribution in European collaborative networks directly related to the sanitary and social services sector and training for the qualification of this, and manager of European and national projects related to these sectors for different organizations

Irene Ruperez, Master Degree in Food Science and Technology Master in Food Safety and Biotechnology, Food Safety. Head of Marketing and Training at Analize Quality and at ACOFESAL